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One of Our Own
Aberdeen FC Community Trust

One of Our Own


Short Film

Social Content

WRITER & DIRECTOR: James Galbraith


1ST AC: Andy Staite

2ND AC: Katy Shewan

SOUND: Colin Harris

RUNNER: Sean Jamieson

CASTING: Shanna Logan

TALENT AGENCY: Academy of Expressive Arts

COLOURIST & EDITOR: James Galbraith

BTS: Richard Frew

SHOT ON: Red DSMC2 Gemini


SNAP Studio Andy Staite


Since it was founded in 1903, Aberdeen Football Club has become a much loved institution across the region and is a central part of community and cultural life in both the city and shire. In response to the need for dedicated resources to provide focussed support to the community, Aberdeen FC Community Trust was created in 2014.

When AFCCT first came to us to discuss working together, it was immediately clear that they were approaching 2021 with a renewed focus and determination. In the wake of the incredibly successful ‘Still standing free’ campaign executed during the pandemic, The Trust were keen to embrace new creative opportunities both in their approach to community support and in creating a sustainable business model that would ensure the right help be delivered, at the right time, to the right people for years to come. Central to this campaign was a film that would help drive awareness of the great work that AFC and The Trust do together, muster support and double down on the AFCCT family’s commitment to the community at its heart.

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Based on a true story, ‘One of Our Own’ depicts the journey of a young Aberdonian with a troubling background who, thanks to a caring head teacher and the passionate people at AFCCT, is able to turn her life around and achieve things she never thought she would.

While AFCCT have produced documentary style films to tell their story and the stories of those they help in the past, we knew this project would have to be different. Due to the sensitive subject matter and the importance of protecting the anonymity of our main subject, on which the story is based, we decided to approach ‘One of Our Own’ in a more scripted narrative style, drawing inspiration from a variety of AFCCT case studies and testimonials. The result is a film about more than just one child; it symbolises the struggles of many young children across the North East, personifies the hard work and devotion of every AFCCT family member and, we hope, demonstrates what can be achieved through perseverance, compassion and companionship.

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Shot on location across 5 days in April 2021, ‘One of Our Own’ is very much a film for Aberdonians by Aberdonians. At SNAP we’re always keen to champion local creative talent and as such we were stoked to be able to tap into such a thriving network of local actors, actresses, extras, filmmakers and locations from around the region in order to bring this project to life.

Shot primarily at Hazlehead Academy on the outskirts of the city, with additional footage captured in the surrounding area, our goal for this project was to create a short film that didn't feel like a promotional tool but a piece of cinema with an important message. As such, we knew we had to create a visual style for the shoot that felt real to the viewer. One that would draw them into Nicci’s world and immerse them in her journey. Lighting and camera movement were kept as naturalistic and unobtrusive as possible, while framing and lens choices were carefully chosen to help stylistically emphasise key moments in our hero's journey. If you like that kind of nerdy stuff, keep your eyes peeled on our blog where we’ll soon be breaking down how we picked apart the initial brief and used that information to create the look and feel for this film.

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48 hours after releasing 'One of Our Own' on the AFCCT and AFC social pages, the film had already been viewed over 150,000 times across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It had also garnered over 3.5k likes, been shared over 800 times, commented on over 500 times by football fans across Scotland, all coming together as a community, and received local news coverage, further extending the Trust's platform to spread their message far and wide; all without a single penny of ad spend being spent. And the numbers are still rising!

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Aberdeen FC Community Trust worked with SNAP to develop a short film “One of our own”. The brief was to portray the impact of the Trust, illustrating that our work reaches far beyond football. We were looking for a storyline that would capture that the Trust works with children over a long period in a variety of ways that ultimately build confidence; change behaviours and raise aspiration. A significant proportion of our work is based around education and we were keen to show this throughout the story with a real “nod” to our link to AFC. Everyone at SNAP embraced this challenge and brought creativity and thoughtfulness to the project. Their enthusiasm and energy matched our own and enabled a real team to develop. Always available to ask questions and hear suggestions but equally comfortable about challenging using their professional experience. A true collaboration that has resulted in a piece that is moving audiences.

Liz Bowie - Chief Executive - Aberdeen FC Community Trust