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Born in Trinidad. Aged in Scotland.
Outlaw Rum

Born in Trinidad. Aged in Scotland.

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DIRECTOR & DOP: Will Farquhar

EDITOR & COLOURIST: James Galbraith

CREATIVE: FortyTwo Studio

SHOT ON: Red Raven 4.5k

LENSED WITH: Sigma Art Zoom



A marriage of Trinidadian distilling and Scottish whisky heritage, Outlaw Rum was conceived in the spirit of independence and doing things differently. Shipped from balmy Caribbean shores over swell and through storm to its resting place in the foothills of the Cairngorms, this exquisite rum has rested ever since. Waiting for its moment.

Working alongside our good friends at FortyTwo we were tasked with creating a suite of high quality, pre-launch images and a short teaser film that personified the quality, character and identity of this unique rum, and the tale of how it came to be. A tale of two friends, an epic journey over 4000 miles of ocean and a rebellious nature.

Born in Trinidad, aged in Scotland.

Outlaw Rum Huntly Launch Web 16Outlaw Rum Huntly Launch Web 4Outlaw Rum Huntly Launch Web 6


Having spent close to two years on the creation and development of the Outlaw Rum identity and packaging, the crew at FortyTwo were keen to ensure that any supporting content created represented a seamless continuation of the brand identity, character and values into the digital space.

As a result, we wanted the images and the film in particular to have a dark, dusty almost clandestine feel. A nod to the rum running history of the Caribbean and the amazing brand work that FortyTwo had created. There’s a certain atmosphere and stillness that hangs over the warehouse and the surrounding countryside that we wanted to capture, along with the rich textures of the wooden barrels in which the rum has been aged. Outlaw Rum isn’t about mass producing a spirit like all the rest. It’s about taking the time to do things their way in order to create a unique, challenger spirit that stands out defiantly from the competition. Our goal was to capture that spirit (excuse the pun) and bring it to life on screen.

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Nailed it. When I showed the guys the brief for this project, they just got it. SNAP's approach to film making is both detailed yet spontaneous, technical and creative. The guys are a great team, always bouncing ideas off each other, thinking on their feet, and always looking to get the best out of every signle shot. We trusted these guys to not only get our work looking great, but become part of our client's world, and they jumped right in, forging great relationships, and coming up with a product that exceeded expectations.

Sam Longmire - Creative Director - FortyTwo Studio