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Your Destination
Albyn School

Your Destination


Social Content

Concept Creation

Cross-channel Delivery

DIRECTOR: James Galbraith

DOP: Will Farquhar

1ST AC: Andy Staite

GAFFER: Dan Koss

SOUND: Colin Harris

RUNNER: Molly McAra

EDIT & COLOUR: James Galbraith

SHOT ON: Red DSMC2 Gemini

LENSED WITH: Angenieux DP Style Zooms

Albyn Your Destination Interview thin


Over the last 150+ years, Albyn School has evolved from humble origins as a small all-girls school to one of the leading co-educational, independent schools in the country.

Committed not only to academic achievement but holistic development, alongside its passionate teaching body the school boasts an impressive range of facilities, equipment, support networks and co-curricular programs designed to ensure that no matter where their students’ passions lie, Albyn is equipped to help them follow their dreams. Following the success of SNAP’s ‘Your Destination’ TVC for Albyn, the crew were brought back in to further unpack and develop the core concept into a suite of online recruitment and promotional content that would serve as the backbone of Albyn’s content marketing strategy for the coming year.

Albyn Your Destination Chemistry WS

Concept Development

Since our last collaboration with Albyn School, the school has welcomed a new headmaster to the team and as such we were presented with a great opportunity to go back to the drawing board with some fresh eyes and new ideas.

We wanted to challenge initial assumptions and choices made the on the last project in order to hone our approach both strategically and creatively and ensure that we were delivering a suite of content that not only looked great but, critically, slotted seamlessly into the school’s overarching brand and marketing strategy. After some great brainstorming sessions, it was decided that a polished, scripted commercial approach, as initially briefed, might not align with Albyn’s quiet but confident, friendly and community focussed approach to education and so the team pivoted to a more documentary style approach driven by over 30 interviews with staff and students at the school. This more free-flowing approach allowed us to capture a wide range of organic sound bites, classes, activities and aspects of school life with an energy and aesthetic that felt more authentic to the school.

Albyn Your Destination prep 1 wsAlbyn Your Destination oobleck WS
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Albyn Your Destination prep 3 wsAlbyn Your Destination Warhammer WS

The shoot

We’d be lying if we said that this shoot wasn’t challenging; but we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge!

Principal photography took place over 6 days and consisted of over 40 different locations in and around the Albyn campus and surrounding areas. Working to a tight schedule, and with minimal time to light locations, the crew carefully formulated a schedule that would allow us to maximize the use of available light throughout the day, massaged only when necessary with artificial lighting, whilst causing minimal disruption to the school timetable. This approach allowed us to stay agile throughout the shoot, smash through setups and still deliver the desired ‘look’ that the director and DP put forward in their respective treatments.

Albyn Your Destination BTS13
Albyn Your Destination BTS7Albyn Your Destination BTS6
Albyn Your Destination BTS4
Albyn Your Destination BTS19Albyn Your Destination BTS21
Albyn Your Destination BTS2


All in, we delivered over 100 pieces of individual content to Albyn! This included hero edits, curricular and co-curricular films, optimised cut downs for social channels and a bank of high quality stills for print and digital activation.

We knew that our content was going to be displayed on a range of different devices and platforms in a variety of colour spaces and resolutions, from large screens at international education expos to mobile phones in prospective pupils’ homes so we shot, edited and graded with flexibility in mind. The result is a suite of multi format, flexible content that allows for through the line activation and ensures visual consistency across the board.

Albyn Your Destination aspect ratioAlbyn Your Destination CCF thin

It was an absolute pleasure working with the SNAP team on this project. We were really impressed with their professionalism, their ability to listen and the attention paid to every detail. They managed to encapsulate the vision and ethos of the School through the voices of our own pupils and staff in a wonderfully creative and vibrant way. We were very pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with SNAP again in the future!

Francesca Milne-McKelvie - Head of Admissions, Marketing and Development