Venture along to the studio on any given day and you might find us writing scripts, planning lighting setups, deep in post production or potentially playing Fifa - there's a never ending league, it's very competitive.

Our studio is where we like to create, problem solve and come up with crazy ideas. More than anything though we like to have visitors, so if you've got a big idea, an upcoming campaign or just want a virtual kick about, come say hi!

Welcome to the SNAP studio where we make, break and everything in between.

01. Ethos

Human Centered Messaging

We believe in the experiential and emotional stories buried in every project that are the key to success.

By aligning key client messaging with vital human interest we create content that is both emotionally engaging and strategically effective.

Small & Agile, Loud & Clear

An agile team that works and moves fast when opportunities come along. We believe that the relationship between client and creator is key. It maintains focus, keeps us nimble and ensures that the work keeps working.

We don't do red tape, buffers and scary meetings, just clear and frequent comms to keep projects moving forward.

Technical Meets Creative

The collaborative process is central to everything we do.

We're always open to new opportunities and ideas and our approach means that clients work directly with the creators who shape their content - creators who challenge them to think differently.


02. Humans

Will Farquhar Creative Director


Creative Director

Conor Gault Director of Photography


Director of Photography

James Galbraith Camera Op Editor 1


Camera Op/Editor

Snap Berlin 2019 1
03. Services

Art Direction

Campaign Creative

Colour Grading

Concept Creation

Content Strategy

Cross-channel Delivery


Film & Video

Production Management

Still Photography

Aberdeen Comedy Festival 2019 1

04. Contact


We’re based in Aberdeen City centre, and work on sets and locations throughout the UK. Partnering with brands, creative agencies, marketing dudes and down right good eggs - we love to talk about exciting new ideas and upcoming projects, wherever you are. So if you have a project you’d like to discuss please get in touch.

Free Coffee Available.

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